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Acoustic Hoods for Telephone

Item No.: AC06
Fire Resistance: BS476 Part 7 Class 1
Dimensions: 95*71*61cm
Material: Glass reinforced plastic
Acoustic Hoods Noise Reduction 23dB

Yellow Body material in GRP(Glass reinforced plastic)
High Noisy Area
Reduce 23dB!
This model is designed for a high level of noise reduction up to 23dB. Manufactured outer Shell using general-purpose resin continuous filament mat material Fire Resistance to BS476 Part 7 Class 1 fire regulation to Surface Spread of Flame.
The AC06 is extremely robust and weatherproof. Inside the hood's outer shell is a 3mm thickness white perforated polypropylene lining that houses 50mm thick Tissue faced non-hygroscopic Rockwool (RW3) density 60kg/m3 acoustic insulation.
Main Features:
*Designed for use in noisy areas and harsh environments
*Popular in noisy factories such as newspaper print rooms.
*Up to 132lbs (60kgs) of equipment can be carried
*Extremely robust Fire retardant
*Good acoustic qualities and highly visible
*High visibility yellow paint finish
*23dB Mean noise reduction
*Detachable internal Telephone mounting panel 200mm deep shelf
*Suitable for use with telephones and Page Party equipment
*Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic laminate construction
*Internal gear plate for ease of equipment mounting
*External mounting kit
*Polypropylene interior
Fitted to the inner back wall is a stainless steel or cold roll steel sheet apparatus plate; beneath this plate is a detachable GRP shelf with easy cable entry.
Telephone layout:
Dimensions: H940mm W700mm D620mm
Carton Size: 980 x 800 x 680mm
N.W.: 57Kg
G.W.: 60kg(Shipping Weight 88.85kg)

Mounting Option:
1. Acoustic booth outer with three Hanging holes. Inner with telephone mounting panel. 
2. Acoustic booth outer with mounting kit. Inner with telephone mounting panel.
Certification: ROHS, FCC, CE, TUV, IP67

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