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Acoustic Hoods for Telephone

Item No.: AC06
Fire Resistance: BS476 Part 7 Class 1
Dimensions: H940mm W700mm D620mm
Material: Glass reinforced plastic
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Acoustic Hoods Noise Reduction 23dB

Yellow Body material in GRP(Glass reinforced plastic)
High Noisy Area Reduce 23dB!
Designed for a high level of noise reduction up to 23dB. Manufactured outer Shell using general-purpose resin continuous filament mat material Fire Resistance to BS476 Part 7 Class 1 fire regulation to Surface Spread of Flame.
Extremely robust and weatherproof. Inside the hood's outer shell is a 50mm thickness black Tissue faced non-hygroscopic Rockwool (RW3) density 60kg/m3 acoustic insulation. Fitted to the inner back wall is a stainless-steel apparatus plate.

Main Features:
1.AC06 has been designed specifically for installations in hazardous or arduous areas and as such is extremely robust and environment proof.
2.Typical applications include the offshore and onshore petrochemical industries, the power and construction industries and many more.
3.AC06 is manufactured in two halves, using the latest RTM MIT process.
4.The two halves are separate thermoset composite mouldings (BS476 Part 7 Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame) that are bonded together as well as being held with stainless steel rivets.
5.Size: H940mm W700mm D620mm 
Telephone layout:
Dimensions: H940mm W700mm D620mm
N.W.: 43KG

Mounting Option:
1. Acoustic booth outer with three Hanging holes. Inner with telephone mounting panel. 
2. Acoustic booth outer with mounting kit. Inner with telephone mounting panel.
Certification: ROHS, FCC, CE, TUV, IP67

Each pcs in one Carton Size: 82*74*105CM
G.W.: 57KG (Volume Weight 127.42KG)

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