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Analogue Explosion Proof Telephone

Item No.: EX01-analogue
Product model: Kntech KNEX1
size: 227 x 293 x 135mm
material: SMC(Sheet Molding Compound)
PDF: YDEX1 explosion phone

Explosion proof telephone IECEx phone

IECEx certified
Zone 2, type Ex e ib mb I IC T6 Gb.
PSTN telephone matching with most PABX, PBX and PAX system
Telephone line powered. No external power or battery required
Robust SMC 2600 glassfibre reinforced polyester die-cast body
LCD display, SUS Metal keypad 24digit, Magnetic reed hook-switch
Busy tone detection for auto release the line if line busy
High temperature approval, Auto answer auto release line.
Full Soft lock: only dial out from phone book 50 memory address number
Half soft lock: limit to dial out starting number, e.g. “00852” area code
Ring sound 95 dB dfd in 1 m and 10 ringing tone melodies selectable
Listening by loudspeaker: 70dB in 1m
Phone book memory: 50 address ( name & number) programmable
Dry contact for external control automation (Option)

LCD display include
Manu setting
Welcome text programmable e.g: welcome to koontech telephone
Full soft lock or half soft lock
Phone book up to 50 address number selectable
Ring speaker up to 4 level selectable
Hands free talking sound up to 4 level selectable
Handset receiver sound up to 4 level selectable
Up to 9 Ring tone melodies selectable
Back light up to 4 level selectable
The dialing number
Calling time counting

Unit dimension 227 x 293 x 135mm
Unit Weight 5.8kg
LCD Display: 2 line alphanumerical display ICON or number or letter
Up to 4 level back light selectable
Keypad stainless steel flash mount Waterproof IP66. Ice protection
21 keys with number and ACE letter for program
Handset: dynamic receiver with inductive coupling for hearing aids
Electret type microphone with noice cancelling
Stainless steel armoured handset hold over 170kg
Waterproof protection IP66
Impact protection: IK09
Call Flash transfer: max:120ms
Dialling procedure: DTMF
External function: external louder speaker
additional earpiece

ringl sounder
operation temperature: -25℃ to 60℃
Storage temperature: -30℃ to +70℃


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