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GSM Emergency Call Box Station

Item No.: CB100
Product Specifications: 2200 × 900 × 550MM
Material: 304 stainless steel or cold-roll steel sheet
Installation: Column mounting

Emergency Roadside Telephone (ERT)


Focus on Road Safety

Highway agencies and Public Road Administraors are measured on their road safety records, which is typically based on the number of incidents, accidents, injuries and fatalities. The challenge is to find a solution that can reduce the number of injuries and accidents inside undergroud road tunnels, on bridges or along public highways, whilst minimising the expenditure on public budgets.


VoIP vs. Analogue Telephones?

In roadside applications, the telephone of choice would always b a VoIP telephone. There are a number of reasons for this, but mainly, since the VoIP telephone use IP networks to carry voice communications, it has additional software features which makes such a system particularly attractive in roadside applications.

One feature, found in all Norphonic Heavy Duty VoIP telephones, is the self monitoring and fault check function, which allows central control room staff to automatically receive updates about the telephone components, if the telephone hook is left in an on/off position etc.

Second, control room staff can use the Norphonic Remote Management Feature to upload software updates from a central location, switch the telephone on/off, or control other telephone components, thereby slashing maintenance costs usually encountered with comparable analogue systems.

Main Feature

For Outdoor design civilized smart city
Protection standard class IP65 vandal resistant, can up to IP66
Ambient temperature -40 ~ + 70 ℃
Can be choosen according to the needs of the transmission mode: CDMA / GSM / Wifi / cable / cable
The telephone shell is made of stainless steel or cold roll steel sheet
Support 2G/3G/4G
Supper good sound clarity during conversation

1. This phone can be compatible with most program-controlled switches, mainly for public communication in the working environment, and in the public communication network or private network to achieve point-to-point (one-click)
2. This product warranty period of 3 years, during the warranty period non-human failure, manufacturers to give free repair or replacement. Telephone motherboard to enjoy free maintenance for life;
3. With the number storage function: even if the power failure, the number of permanent preservation, will not be lost, high stability; factory before we will need to store the number set or the customer can operate according to the instructions, set their own. Number can be set (additional distribution of a numeric keypad for setting the number);
4. Automatic dialing function: press the handsfree button (off-hook), the phone automatically dial the stored number, without manual manual dialing;
5. With automatic hang function: When the call is completed, do not press the hands-free button to end the call (people have left), the machine can automatically detect busy tone, to automatically hang up, which does not affect the next use, the program has a self-protection function;
6. Installation is simple: column installation
7. Function selection: the phone as an emergency emergency SOS telephone use;
8. Personalized customization: customers can customize the product shape, LOGO, operating instructions and the realization of the function.

Product Features
1. The telephone shell is made of stainless steel, stamping through the mold, the surface of the paint treatment, corrosion resistance, with dust, anti-noise, anti-riot characteristics, the whole protection class IP65;
2. Telephone board adopts imported ATMEL microcontroller development, environment-friendly patch components, high integration, security and stability;
3. Hands-free use of the latest and most advanced hands-free chip, call voice clear, loud, no whistle sound;
4. Beautiful appearance, column design.
5. Through the blind sound detection to achieve automatic hang up (non-standard design).
6. Can be choosen according to the needs of the transmission mode: CDMA / GSM / Wifi / cable / cable
7. Power supply: solar / commercial AC 220V

The main parameters
Protection class IP65
Ambient temperature -40 ~ + 70 ℃
Relative humidity ≤ 85%
Atmospheric pressure 80 ~ 106KPa
Feed voltage 48-60V
Feed current 15mA
Call transfer indicator SLR ≤ 12, RLR ≤-1, STMR ≥ 10, output impedance: 600 Ω
Frequency response 300 ~ 3400 Hz
Line output audio signal level + 2dB
Environmental noise ≤ 100dB
Distortion ≤2%
Ringing sound level ≥90dB
Installation method Column

Machine warranty for three years, the motherboard for life free maintenance

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