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Emergency Phone Tower Will Be Standing With The US Soldiers Soon

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Update time : 2017-02-21 01:26:00
It is noted that over 20 units of Industcom Emergency Phone Tower are intensively under production in Industcom technology Shenzhen Headquarter. The production engineers and workers are full of passion and pride, because they know they are producing the security equipment for the best military camp in the world, they share the responsibility and honor at the same time.

Industcom Emergency Phone Tower is designed for outdoor usage, it is PSTN version, full capable with duplex communication system. The front dial panel is made of brushed stainless steel, hands free with built-in loud speaker and noise canceling microphone, two way communication, one button push to call, powered by solar energy. It is standing over nine feet tall ,the LED blue light mounted atop the tower provides high visibility and gives passers-by a sense of security (the light flashes when the tower is in operation). To be safe, it is vandal-resistant structure and colored with EMERGENCY written on both sides.

The united states of America has many military camps located at middle east areas. The military Camp Arifjan Kuwait is one of them, to maintain a stable and safe camp communication system, some vandal resistant emergency towers are required. Then Industcom Emergency Phone Tower comes to the site.

It is estimated that these Emergency Phone Tower will be finished and tested soon. They will be standing with the US soldiers together, watching them and serving them.