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New Intercom paging system arrival now for market

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Update time : 2017-03-10 01:48:00
At the beginning of the March, Industcom engineer department is busying to finish a customized intercom paging system for one of Iran clients used a very special applications,The client asked for the intercom system better to have some functions optional for, Like with the free dial function or only the direct dial function, Peer to peer function or group calling functions, When group calling, The terminals will be more than 20 units....

Our engineer team considered all conditions to reach the client's request to support them win the very potential market, We used only one week to finished the solution design and share it with our clients, At the end we got the good feedback because our client told us the end user had a lot of interesting.

We will also launch this system to all over the world and we are would like to do customized work for every potential clients,
Industcom will provide the free sample for testing, Just do not hesitate to contact with us!