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Push to talk on the phone call for the phone free of hands-free IP phone intercom

Item No.: BLS06-GSM
Push to talk on the phone call for the phone free of hands-free IP phone intercom

Mian Freature: 
This product is as a result of the production of the security of the city emergency help column wisdom city intercom system emergency help terminal safe column outdoor public safety emergency system long-range emergency assistance system technology program, the company mainly provides digital building intercom system, System, video access control, ICU access system, public safety emergency assistance system, non-visual access control, PSTN building intercom indoor unit and other products and system solutions for the current domestic major building intercom system program providers, and strive to Become a domestic intercom system and product research and development base.

Main functions:
warning lights display, easy to identify; a key help, simple operation; consultation button, close safty relations; video intercom calls, smooth communication; output power, suitable for outdoor complex acoustic environment;
Pictured: CMOS
Video encoding: H.264, MPEG4
Video stream: 96kbps ~ 512kbps
Network protocol: TCP / IP network Built-in speaker
Impedance power: 8Ω, 10W
Input Power: DC12V
Power consumption: <10W
Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

Installation: column installation, to adapt to the square, parks and other public places to use. Full digital IP network building intercom system, semi-digital and PSTN building intercom system can be used in what place? Can be used in the district, community, old district, high-end residential, villa, mid-range district, low-end district, small medium and small district are applicable, according to the situation of the district to choose the appropriate intercom system program, because our company Intercom system program itself can be highly customized, so the choice is more convenient, so you choose to be assured, and intercom system is our original research and development, so there is intellectual property, and with a complete system to solve the structure of products and Program, easy to use and convenient

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