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EX proof boardcast telephone

Item No.: YTEX01
EX proof boardcast telephone used in mining, power plants, chemical plants and other inflammable and explosive places, have a coupler, also known as the coupler explosion-proof telephone. Is explosion-proof communication system terminal equipment, the bas
Product Name: Explosion-proof telephone
Product model: YTEX01
Explosion-proof mark: ExdibIICT6Gb/EXtDA21IP66T80°C
Communication system: there is a host
Protection level: IP66
Dimensions: 343 × 294 × 206
Material: aluminum alloy
Color: yellow (customizable)

Scope of application
◆Applicable to the explosive gas environment, Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2
◆Applicable to IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment
◆Applicable to flammable dust environment in Zone 20, Zone 21 and Zone 22
◆Applicable to T1~T6 temperature group
◆ Widely used in hazardous environments such as oil exploitation, chemical industry, military industry, pharmaceutical refining, oil depots, offshore oil platforms, oil tankers, etc.
◆Applicable to high noise places

◆ The telephone can form an independent communication system with the program-controlled switch and coupler.
◆ can directly connect to the telecommunication network
◆After the call system is formed, each phone is an independent workstation, and one of the failures does not affect the entire system.
◆ After the call system is formed, the product has an automatic gain function, and the size of the voice does not vary with the length of the distance or the number of the phone.
◆ Telephone case design, waterproof, dustproof, no need for waterproof cover, beautiful and practical.
◆The circuit inside the telephone adopts double-sided integrated circuit, which has the advantages of accurate number, clear call and stable operation.
◆ Aluminum alloy die-casting shell, high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance.
◆The surface of the outer casing is sprayed at high temperature, and the color is conspicuous.
◆The key parts handles, hanging forks and keyboards are all produced by our company. The quality control is strictly controlled, and the reaction speed is fast after sale.

Technical Parameters
Explosion-proof mark

Operating Voltage
AC220V±10%, 50Hz

Standby operating current

Frequency response
250 to 3000 Hz

Amplified output power

Protection level

Anti-corrosion grade

Ambient temperature

Atmospheric pressure

Relative humidity

Lead wire hole

Total Weight

Installation method

1. The caller picks up the phone, dials the called party's phone number → the called party calls the bell
2. The called party hears the ringtone → pick up the handle to answer the call, the two sides talk normally
3. The call ends and the handset is hung back.
4. The caller picks up the phone and presses the “R” button to call the last number dialed.
5. Two volume adjustment keys to adjust the speaker volume according to the amount of noise on site

Machine size: 343*294*206mm
Carton size: 44*32*27cm

Product Name: Explosion-proof speaker
Product model: YTS01
Explosion-proof mark: Exd IIC T6
Protection level: IP66
Dimensions: Φ300×415
Material: aluminum alloy
Color: yellow (customizable)


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