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Ex proof telephone

Item No.: YTEX208
Ex proof telephone
Ex proof telephone
-Housing made of stainless steel
-Wall-mounted installation for easy maintenance
-Weatherproof degree IP66
-Using digital noise reduction technology
-Keyboard is fully sealed stainless-steel keypad, resistant to wear
-Digital integrated circuit, stable, low power consumption
-Match with most of PBX, PABX.
-Double certification of gas and dust
-Available for Analogue or VoIP version
-With robust handset and hook
-Explosion-proof mark Ex d ibCT6Gb / Ex tD ib DA21 IP65 T85
Model: YTEX208
Compliance with GB3836.1-2010, GB3836.2-2010, GB3836.4-2010, GB12476.1-2013, GB12476.4-2010, GB12476.5-2013. Used in places with flammable gases of type A, B, and C, and the ignition temperature group is Zones 1 and 2 of the T1-T6 group, and combustible gases or explosive mixtures formed by steam and air. Suitable for ignition temperature Groups are the locations containing flammable dust mixtures in areas 21 and 22 of the T1-T6 group.
Electrical index ‘-Working voltage AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz;
-Working current ≤1A;
-Dialing method DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency)
Adaptability of patching machine or switch ’-DC open circuit voltage of subscriber line 40 ~ 64V;
-DC feed current of subscriber line 25 ~ 50mA;
Ring current voltage 75 ± 15V, 25Hz ± 3Hz
Busy tone frequency 450Hz ± 20Hz
Intermittent ratio (0.3 ~ 0.4) s: (0.3 ~ 0.4) s
Level ‘-8 ~ -12dB
Anti-noise performance When the ambient noise is 105dB, the call clarity is greater than 95%.
When the ambient noise is 110dB, the call clarity is greater than 90%.
Transmission distance ≦ 10Km
Amplifying power 15-35W
Sound pressure level (about 1m) 120dB
Dial keypad 0 ~ 9 number keys, 5 function keys: # key, * key, urgent call key, redial key, hang up key
Status indicator power indication, running indication, sound reinforcement indication
Cables 2-core communication cable input, 2-core power cable input
Inlet hole thread size G- 1
speaker cable outputs 1 or 2 groups of 2-core
thread hole specifications G-3 / 4
Installation method
Number of outlet holes 4 holes
Thread hole specifications G-3 / 4 ”2 G-1” 2 environmental indicators
Ambient temperature -40℃ ~ + 60℃
Average relative humidity ≤95% (25℃)
Atmospheric pressure 80kPa ~ 110kPa
Operating environment Zones A21 and 22 in explosive dust environment and zones 1 and 2 in explosive gas
 (Measured in mm) Unit size: 335*260*150(mm)
Package Reference
Packaging materials: pearl cotton, carton;
Telephone 1pc in one Carton size: 40*31*18cm; G.W.: 13.05KG; N.W.: 14.55KG

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